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I love it. This really appeals to me because of the all the bad ideas I had to unlearn in my 20s:

- math is about numbers and arithmetic operations on them - being good at math meant you were good at arithmetic - some people (meaning me) just didn't have what it took to be "good" at math. Reinforced by my high school math and physics teachers.

I hated math because I didn't understand that mathematics is a system for representing abstract concepts and manipulating them.

Eventually on my 4th try to get calculus, I took a class from nick fiori(http://www.yale.edu/education/about/faculty/fiori.elw062111).

His teaching methods opened my mind, and I've gone on since then to become an ardent amateur mathematician with minor publications and career tangents in machine learning and data science.

I can only imagine what would have happened if I had been taught math well from an early age.

This is really great and inspiring to hear! I also had a very bad experience to mathematics during my earlier youth.

Relentless studying, book reading and search for motivational information have helped me get over the bullshit I was introduced to.

I love math, and it is ing beautiful.

Good to hear, any math books you'd recommend to someone who's not there yet, or remember from that class?

Sorry, did not learn much from books. The only one of note is the Tom Mitchell Machine Learning Book, which already requires a basic advanced mathematics fluency. I also believe it is a little out of date.

I can recommend a few professors who really opened my mind to how to use math, all at UCSC (CS grad school for me):

- Dave Helmbold (Machine Learning) - Kevin Ross (Operations Research) - Martin Abadi (Security)

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