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I would love to know what the successful payout total is.

This is posted on our public stats page, which is updated every couple of hours:


Lifetime, 86% of money pledged has been to funded projects ($859 million as of this writing). Just 12% has been to unsuccessfully funded projects. (The remaining money is currently live and its outcome undetermined.) The degree to which pledges are truly all or nothing has always surprised us. 80% of projects that raise 20% of their goal are eventually funded. It's a highly efficient system.

That would be a much more useful figure. The only stats I can find are here[1] but it just lists the number of successful projects not how much was pledged to them.

[1] https://www.kickstarter.com/help/stats

I feel like there are lots of people making sure no project stops at 99%. I know I barely use KS, but even I've sorted by "ending soonest" before and watched a few projects make it safely over to 100%.

That said, I'm glad to head the 20% number :)

EDIT: Oops, there page actually lists $859M as the amount successfully funded!

There will be a website for that figure too. Just wait until it hits 1 billion.

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