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Planning Algorithms (uiuc.edu)
178 points by kqr2 on Mar 1, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

My cousin. I'll have to let him know he's on the front page.

I'll say this: this is not a beginner book.

Edit: So this is how I learn he is now Principal Scientist at Oculus VR. I need to go to more reunions.

I took a theory of computation class at the U of I by Steve Lavalle. He's a brilliant computer scientist and a very personable professor.

I attended a couple of talk sessions by him when he visited our college. Liked the talks and he is very approachable. Don't know about the book though.

I have to say I was quite confused seeing the author's name, as Stephen Lavelle is also the name of a great indie game dev, who frequently makes use of puzzles in his games.

An excellent book - I used it in a graduate level robotics course.

Big thank you for publishing in multiple page sizes.

Everyone: when you publish in 2-column journal format, almost no one can read your paper -- since we don't use paper anymore! Please publish a single-column version for electronic readers.

what are the math pre-reqs?

Not sure what to do with this, so I'm not up voting it.

I think, with books, one is supposed to read.

Or stun an ox.

At 1023 pages, this book should do the job.

Can't figure out if this turn of phrase originates outside of the Laurie Anderson song Let X = X. Were you quoting it?

Why is this getting up votes? This is 3rd year+ material from applied math and engineering. Some of it is graduate level. I refuse to believe HN is that educated in robotics.

Why would it surprise you if on Hacker News there were people educated in robotics?

Well, some of us just happen to be graduate robotics students :)

Not educated in robotics, but certainly interested in them and reading more about what it takes to be educated in robotics.

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