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Pfft, the extra mile. Transporting your goods around the world on coal burning ships does not an environmentalist make.

The only large commercial ships left that I am aware of that are still coal burning, transport coal. Very few ports are equipped to refuel coal.

my mistake, I thought bunker fuel was a coal derivative

6 years ago 90,000 were running on bunker fuel


370 million tonnes of it get burned every year and the price is rising


Given the cost of fuel is rising, these guys will hopefully benefit. http://www.skysails.info/english/skysails-marine/skysails-pr...

Is shipping really a significant part of the environmental impact of making electronics in China and selling them in the US? Shipping is way more efficient per mile than most other forms of transport, and IIUC much of the environmental impact of devices comes from disposing of them and the toxic chemicals they contain.

If they were really not profit centered then the making of electronics wouldn't be in China.

I don't think anyone's claiming Apple's a charity -- at least I'm not. I actually had an honest question about relative environmental impacts, but that's probably not what we're talking about here, so nevermind. "Trying to make money" is not the same as "trying to make money in every possible way, no matter the consequences."

Efficient per mile only in terms of cost of operation. Pollution wise, planes would be less.

The market is not very good at correcting for the future. Regulatory pressure would be the primary mechanism for change.

But again, if Apple wanted to be more regulated they wouldn't be manufacturing in China.

Planes? A bit of quick searching backs up what I thought -- ships are way less carbon-intensive than planes, though, to my surprise, less efficient than rail: http://carbonfund.org/how-we-calculate

And while I'm all for regulation, I'm basically pessimistic. Then again, overpopulation and nuclear escalation turned out less bad than I expected, so what do I know?

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