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Damn good question! The answer will give rise to a new expression: "I got deanallened!"

Hopefully Dean will fill you in. I have still not received a cent from Dean. :(

And that is probably the most scandalous part of the whole story. I don't want to hear any Dean Allen or Jason Hofmann apologists, whatever you do and whatever your troubles, you do pay those that work for you. I also like to say a big THANK YOU to Jacques at this occasion. I sometimes grumbled, but you kept the ship floating for as long as you could afford. Thanks for that.

Not ONE CENT for all/any of the work you've done?!?!?!

Sad but true.

That's a horrible shame.

Was told the other day that "Well, we’ll settle up as soon as I can". Not sure that day will ever arrive. :/

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