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What's happened to TextDrive? (billturner.github.io)
6 points by billturner on Feb 28, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

Looks like you can update your post again.


- - - As anyone looking for decent support or even useful information over the past few months can attest, the revival of TextDrive has not been a success. What began in mid-2012 as an exciting challenge fuelled by good intentions and lean resources quickly turned into a cleanup project with almost no resources. It is disappointing to report that after a year and a half of uphill battles and unimagined setbacks, after several costly efforts to regroup and find another way, options to keep TextDrive growing have run out, and we will cease operations on the 14th of March, 2014. For those who wish to know, details of what went wrong will be made available once shutdown operations have completed. Sorry to have let you down. Dean - - -

Yep, I did earlier today when another TextDrive customer alerted me.

I had posted a (maybe historically last) message on the forum just before it went down. In it I referred to arvixe.com as a potential replacement. I have no affiliation, but it looks nice, fast support response, lots of packages, cPanel (unfortunately), active twitter account @arvixe. If you guys are still looking, check them out.

Damn good question! The answer will give rise to a new expression: "I got deanallened!"

Hopefully Dean will fill you in. I have still not received a cent from Dean. :(

And that is probably the most scandalous part of the whole story. I don't want to hear any Dean Allen or Jason Hofmann apologists, whatever you do and whatever your troubles, you do pay those that work for you. I also like to say a big THANK YOU to Jacques at this occasion. I sometimes grumbled, but you kept the ship floating for as long as you could afford. Thanks for that.

Not ONE CENT for all/any of the work you've done?!?!?!

Sad but true.

That's a horrible shame.

Was told the other day that "Well, we’ll settle up as soon as I can". Not sure that day will ever arrive. :/

http://kaizengarden.co/lp/textugees is the ex-staff solution to TextDrive.

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