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It's funny you say that, because as the only full time-ish developer of Chocolat, I could really use a lot of help!

There's ~600 open issues, my personal todo list alone is several years' worth of work. Too much for one man.


People make too much of open vs closed source. The real distinction is individual-lead vs committee-written.

TextMate, Sublime and Vim are good editors. But they are also Allan, Jon and Bram. Writing an editor requires good taste, accumulated experience, and a certain disregard for users' feelings.

You need someone who cares about the editor. Without that, you get a program where everything is wrong, but nobody ever bothers to fix it.

This is however a blessing and a curse. If the author can't financially support themselves, the editor will die. If the author becomes a millionaire, the editor will die. Thankfully, I'm still poor.


What are the 25 little things, by the way?

Haha, too much work indeed. :) I'm not going to list all 25 here, but I'd say the biggest three are definitely issues #1157 (this is HUGE, add a pref option please!!), #1369 (please!), and #1451/1417 (constantly crashing).

But overall, it's still just the most beautiful and elegant editor. :) Thanks for it!

Never heard of Chocolat before - but it is a very attractive OS X app!

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