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I believed in Mark (the owner of MtGox) and his team, defending them vigorously, and got screwed as a consequence.

The support staff was on IRC every day saying "Yes, we have customers' funds. No, we aren't insolvent. Everything is fine, everything will be fine." They answered every question in a level-headed fashion.

They were either being paid to lie, or being fed lies, or somehow MtGox didn't become aware of the fact that they were missing >700,000btc until a day or two before they shut off their website.

So I was pretty gullible. And I just want to thank Patrick (patio11) for being a constant throughout this whole ordeal: constantly skeptical, and with good reason.

there is a lot of knowledge to be gained from being as humble in 'defeat' as you are right now.

It's an admirable trait that I myself often times lack, even when my defeat is obvious and ensured.

Thanks for being a good person, at least in that respect.

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