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OS X Mavericks audio problems are still not fixed. Audio dropouts in Google Chrome more often than once per second when a lot of tabs are open. Makes for example Youtube unbearable to watch. Chrome audio worked fine in OSX 10.8 with a lot more tabs.

Mid 2012 MBP (MacBookPro9,2).

Are you sure it's not a chrome bug? Obviously chrome updated itself many times in the meantime. Do you see this same bug even in different contexts (eg when using multiple applications, when doing CPU-intensive tasks and using iTunes at the same time, etc.)?

The bug does not show up immediately with light load in Chrome (only a few tabs open). But anything heavier, and audio dropouts start. No idea whether it's a Chrome bug or OSX, but the problem started immediately after 10.9 update.

The issue is present after a fresh reboot with no other applications running than Chrome.

My Chrome version is now 33.0.1750.117, which should be the current one.

iTunes and Safari audio output is always fine.

I run VMWare Fusion 6 virtual machines often, but that doesn't seem affect the bug way or another. Also, I only installed VF6 long after updating to 10.9.

Audio in Windows or Linux Chrome running in a VF6 virtual machine is perfectly good.

Just tested again, the issue seems to only affect Chrome playing Macromedia Flash content. I don't have Flash player installed, only Chrome's internal PPAPI Flash player.

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