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Wow. I found "reading" their demo a deeply unpleasant experience. It seemed to induce tunnel vision, and put a huge amount of strain on my lenses. The dark background of the page surrounding the banner didn't help, and persisted in my vision for a good 5 minutes. My eyes still hurt.

I found the demo very impressive but I too have a large blue bar persisting in my vision right now. Very peculiar.

I too still have the blue bar in my vision. It's been there for about 4 minutes. I'm also sitting about 4' away from a 40" TV. I was able to read everything at all the speeds though.

Yup, switching from that page to HN was not pleasant.

And they want 15% of the world reading like this by 2016? (Did I remember that right?)

I thought it was 15% of world's texts... apparently my comprehension is not so good with this.

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