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Check this out, Japan is going their own way instead of this experiment

According to researchers at a demonstration reactor in Japan, a fusion generator should be feasible in the 2030s and no later than the 2050s. Japan is pursuing its own research program with several operational facilities that are exploring several fusion paths.


Also, they are already planning the successor to ITER, a commercial plant called DEMO


You can get the date fusion power will become feasible by adding 30 years to the current year. Been holding steady at 30 for quite some time.

Well I get that logic but this time they are putting some serious money where their mouths are.

Even the USA/Russians could not come to an agreement to build such a project.

That's only because, as soon as that claim was made in 1980, the fusion budget was immediately (and thereafter, steadily) cut.

"We're only 30 years away? Bah, what's the rush?"

Actually, Japan is one of the biggest contributors to ITER. Notably, they are continuing a strong domestic fusion program -- compare this to the U.S., where most of the fusion budget is going to ITER, at the expense of domestic fusion programs (such as Alcator at MIT).

Gotta fuel those giant mecha suits.

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