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>That project has lots of attitude problems

I believe you have the attitude problem. How did you survive reading Phrack, early 2600, Linux kernel mailing lists or IRC if this tiny example of "block idiots" offends you. It wasn't even directed at you, it's just an example in a dev journal. This undeadly post is internal dev stuff on the mailing list, not the actual end user documentation which is the official man pages, that's where all the up to date and complete documentation is. Most of the humor is also European, so some Germans joking around on the pf or SMTPD mailing list may also offend you with their weird humor.

OpenSMTPD also works on Linux/MacOSX but I imagine the emails and actions of Steve Jobs or Torvalds might also offend you so better steer clear of both those projects. Better avoid GrSec/Pax twitter account too. Stallman has also said some pretty inflammatory things so the whole Gnu platform is off limits. I recommend installing MS Feelings 2.0

Absolutely agreed.

It seems that some people won't be happy until all human interaction is mediated through vapid, inoffensive office-speak.

Also, the offending example is to block malicious API use, while I'm sure spammers have feelings too they will most likely survive this stinging automated reject message.

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