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Thanks a lot for sharing that. Without personal knowledge like yours a text medium (sans explicit "jk" or /sarcasm tags) is hard to parse right.

I'm not dismissing all the work, I just decided that I've to move on. The project (we're talking opensmtpd here?) very well might be great. This was just a crappy first impression. No hard feelings, no rage or whatever - it seems people think I feel much stronger about this than I actually do.

I was disappointed, consider this distasteful/low (see elsewhere in this thread: I certainly get that humor's different and context matters), decided that for me, personally, this isn't cool and moved on.

I really feel sorry for sharing this here by now, though. It was something that immediately came back to me when the OpenBSD headline came up, I found it worth commenting/sharing and now I started a big thread of .. noise. I'll make sure to remember this outcome next time I'm feeling the urge to post a rather unrelated/negative piece like this.

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