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I'm quite confused, you read a joke, which apparently you didn't like, on an unofficial (albeit heavily OpenBSD focused) blog, and that's a reason not to use OpenBSD? Isn't this almost the definition of an ad hominem argument towards OpenBSD? "I don't like something this person says so I won't use something he uses".

I used OpenBSD for years as a router on a Pentium with 32MB of RAM I got for free somewhere, and it was fantastic. It filtered all my traffic and ran Irssi with 8MB RAM to spare. It's an awesome operating system that I wish I had a good use for at the moment. PF was wonderful to work with. This seems like an absolutely ludacris reason to dismiss the system and I have no idea why it's the top comment on a thread about a interesting technical innovation. What is wrong with you people.

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