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MusicBox: Effortless Music Discovery (strikingly.com)
10 points by HoyIB 1428 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

"With MusicBox you'll get bundles of kick-ass songs from new artists delivered straight to your inbox twice per month."

Kudos for making a fresh attempt to solve the music discovery problem, which is often a source of frustration for me, but the italicised words above made me lose interest. I have never had music in my inbox and I never want to have music in my inbox. For me, instead of being "effortless", that sounds like loads of effort.

(I'd consider paying for a subscription to a one-click solution that imports curated playlists directly into iTunes or Spotify.)

Try Resonator.co it does exactly that. Links to Spotify and Rdio playlists weekly with separate purchase links in iTunes.

It's free, but you can donate to keep it going.

Awesome suggestion Jamesk. I love the idea of curating full playlists too. What if we sent you redemption instead of actual files of music?

Or you can just get a soundcloud?

Soundcloud is definitely a great way to discover new music, but we're making it even easier. All the best that sites like soundcloud have to offer, sent right to your email.

Love the feedback.

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