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The problem is that the default install doesn't do much. It's almost like saying that MS-DOS is secure because networking is not working by default.

The default OpenBSD install ships with plenty of software. It comes with pretty much everything but graphical web browsers that the devs use. It includes web and email servers, opensshd and openntpd, openldap, gnome, etc. It's a system fully functional for many purposes.

Very little of that was enabled in the default install. The no vulnerabilities claim rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Sometimes things were patched that could have been remotely exploitable, but not called vulnerabilities because nobody checked when bugs were fixed.

Even so, I still I really like OpenBSD. I'm glad they finally got started with code signing. This work on Xorg is fantastic, although I can't see the point of running Xorg on OpenBSD.

Wish OpenBSD had better SMP support and ZFS.

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