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Ok - here is a suggestion: The Right to root.

Just as a citizens letters, papers and home are inviolable, should our new papers our new homes be also inviolable - if I own a device, No-one should legally be allowed control over it?

This proposal is mostly intended for environments where the users do not own the equipment, like offices and schools.

But yeah, if you paid for it but can't root it, you got ripped off.

You'd need to follow it up with a "Right to Own" whereby you can't lease or rent devices to people.

>if I own a device, No-one should legally be allowed control over it?

Then tech companies might start leasing out their devices: you technically don't own it, so you're not allowed to do what you want to it.

Not that the Right to Root wouldn't be nice, but the change in attitude has to come first. And we need to somehow convince the likes of Apple that their DRM is bad for business.

Wasn't that written from a mac/ipad?

errrr... yes. My iphone actually. (How could you tell? Or was that a lucky piece of sarcasm)

If the signatories to the US constitution owned slaves, I can use an iPhone while still wanting the Right to Root.

if someone leases me a notebook, do they get the right to read what I write in it? seems unlikely.

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