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I've known Gilles (opensmtpd author) personally for close to 10 years. This is just his kind of humour.

That you might not find it funny, I get. But dismissing all the work that has been put on this project because of what your perceive as attitude is like you not using OpenSSH because you don't like Theo de Raadt.

Thanks a lot for sharing that. Without personal knowledge like yours a text medium (sans explicit "jk" or /sarcasm tags) is hard to parse right.

I'm not dismissing all the work, I just decided that I've to move on. The project (we're talking opensmtpd here?) very well might be great. This was just a crappy first impression. No hard feelings, no rage or whatever - it seems people think I feel much stronger about this than I actually do.

I was disappointed, consider this distasteful/low (see elsewhere in this thread: I certainly get that humor's different and context matters), decided that for me, personally, this isn't cool and moved on.

I really feel sorry for sharing this here by now, though. It was something that immediately came back to me when the OpenBSD headline came up, I found it worth commenting/sharing and now I started a big thread of .. noise. I'll make sure to remember this outcome next time I'm feeling the urge to post a rather unrelated/negative piece like this.

> like you not using OpenSSH because you don't like Theo de Raadt

It looked to me like people do this sort of thing all the time? This happens even in non-tech scenarios (e.g. not reading an author's works because you don't like his politics, even when the work itself is non-political etc)

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