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How possible is it that this is sarcasm or just a joke?

I know HN likes to pretend it can't ever read between the lines, but, seriously, are there even remote odds that that snippet you quoted is actually expressing deep feelings of superiority?

You might be totally right. In that case I'm prepared for an apology.

That said, even here (mostly OS X/Linux as far as I can tell) there's Lennart bashing everywhere. Check a random systemd thread, you'll find lots of that. Expecting a friendly jab in some random text about the opensmtpd features (not related to _anything_ that is usually blamed on Lennart, funnily enough) is .. unlikely.

My reaction is based on my belief that it is much more likely to see these low punches instead of "Hey, I made a friendly joke about the domain of this Linux dude I'm cool with".

Bottom line: Sure, you might totally be right, I might be the jerk here and take everything the wrong way. So far I still don't believe that and consider that less likely.

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