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Calling BSD irrelevant probably didn't sit well with many of them. I do wonder what darklajid would think an appropriate response would be? Seems rejecting his e-mail after he called you and yours "irrelevant" isn't that hard to believe.

also, as others have pointed out, not ad hominem

So, we get one more post where the first comment is basically a negative comment with not one word about the submitted story.

Sorry about the negativity. Believe me, I never thought this would gather upvotes. I was actually blowing this out because I was really annoyed by that post and .. thought I'd take the downvotes for airing my opinion. This didn't turn out as I thought.. I really, really didn't mean to spit on the OpenBSD project (I said it, albeit not clearly enough: I like a lot about that project) and sit at the top of the comment list. Mea culpa.

"Calling BSD irrelevant" is, as I stated elsewhere, an opinion and targeting a family of operating systems. Retaliating with something that targets a person seems the kind of behavior you should've grown out of if you're writing (open)smtpd filters.

The technical part of the story sounds really neat. Didn't mean to slight that.

Why not post a link to the article you sited and then dump on it in the first comment?

The owner of the domain said "I recommend developers to try to hack with only Linux in mind and experience the freedom and the opportunities this offers you" and "I don't think BSD is really too relevant anymore"[1]. The example they gave in the article is pretty mild compared to the original statements. I would imagine the author was "was really annoyed by that post" and threw in a small jab. I have said quite a lot worse when someone has looked at the whole of my work and dismissed it as irrelevant. In fact, some of the harshest insults in open source seem to be calling code irrelevant or foolish wastes of time when so many love and put effort into it.

1) http://linuxfr.org/nodes/86687/comments/1249943 read the whole article and compare it to the one jab in the opensmtpd article

Forgive me, but I didn't understand your first sentence. That might either be a problem caused by us speaking a common but foreign language, or - if you're a native speaker - me not understanding what you're trying to say.

I understand what he said. I also agree that he's difficult at times and very opiniated. But sharing his opinion is fine. The article you link to? The QUESTIONS mention BSD first (go ahead, check it) and he speaks his mind.

Do I agree with what he says there? No, I actually migrate a couple of things from Linux to BSD this very moment. But you cannot seriously compare "Guy's asked about BSD, says he doesn't think it matters" to "So, there's this cool SMTPD we built. Let me show you some examples. We could totally build filters and instead of example.com we're going to filter 0pointer.net, you know? That idiot?".

That is NOT the same thing. Plus, that article was supposed to show of what you can do with opensmtpd. Filtering? Cool. Filtering because you feel slighted? Awwww... Poor kitty.

The author of that article very well might filter gazillion domains _on his very own server_, but for some public "This is how you can create your own filter" text you should use a neutral example. Or .. people like me might shake their head, sigh, be disappointed and move along and share their frustration elsewhere (like.. here?) a bit later.

"Forgive me, but I didn't understand your first sentence. That might either be a problem caused by us speaking a common but foreign language, or - if you're a native speaker - me not understanding what you're trying to say."

Well, I did grow up on a reservation in the US, so some of my speech might have some localisms, but English is my first language.

So, I will restate my first sentence: Why didn't you submit the link http://undeadly.org/cgi?action=article&sid=20130130081741 then put your opinion of the writer given his example as the first comment?

As to the rest, the questions in the article mention BSD because of his previous statements that others in this thread have linked to. He has stated those opinions strongly without prompting by making proposals.

Judging a whole OS by one guy's article is pretty poor. I assume you boycotted Linux over the "monkeys"[1] comment since that seems much worse than this one example came from the lead of the whole project?

1) http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.kernel/706950

Thanks a lot for the first part/explanation. The answer is nothing spectacular: Because it didn't came to my mind. When I stumbled upon that post I didn't submit it anywhere. I recalled that post when this 'OpenBSD' headline turned up.

Again, submitting 'So I think this isn't nice' never came to my mind and adding this here was (ignoring attributes like 'useless' etc) a spontaneous 'You know what I recently found?' kind of comment. This was blown way out of proportion by now. My bad.

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