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It's funny you mention this. On the actual OpenBSD installation, if a non-privileged user tries to login and fails (bad password etc..), the error message is "Are you on drugs?"

No, seriously, that's the actual error message. I just double-checked in 5.4 and it's still there.

OpenBSD, for many reasons, is definitely an acquired taste in both configuration and documentation for said configuration. There are a lots of technical points that make it a great OS.

They're still only technical points, though.

Edit: Correction, it's not on initial login. Only on sudo. The rest of the list : https://github.com/toddfries/OpenBSD-usr.bin-patches/blob/ma...

Hmm.. Humor's a special thing. I actually like those. They insult the user (me) for doing something stupid or wrong. Classy? Probably not. But fair game in my world.

"Hey, see this nice smtpd we created? Here's how you blacklist the domain of a Linux guy we like to make fun of/blame for everything wrong in the world" is .. childish. But again, sense of humor is certainly something that is open for interpretation and all..

That’s only part of the list of insults. Sudo has more, and you can see them on any platform by setting “Defaults insults” in /etc/sudoers. See the sudoers(5) manpage.

Yes it's on by default in OpenBSD. This is the only distro I've used where that is the case. I think it's amusing. If you don't like it, turn it off.

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