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Do they block access to advanced features of the video card?

Can't a video card DRM read any memory on the system?

Presumably there's still some portion of the graphics driver that has to live in the kernel, or otherwise use privileged operations to talk to the hardware. But that driver is a lot smaller of a surface to secure than Xorg, which is a much larger codebase with many complicated moving parts.

Users of a video card should be able to do so securely: Look at something like WebGL, where many of a graphics card's features are exposed to the web, which is very much untrusted code.

I imagine they would have a kernel driver that receives requests from the unprivileged X.org, sanitizes them, and sends safe requests to the hardware.

I think you mean DMA, not DRM.

In the context "DRM" doesn't make a lot of sense, I do thing the OP means "DMA" here. DRM is an API, it doesn't "read" anything. DMA, however, does.

Either way, I learned about a new thing!

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