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'360 video camera played with flash (karagos.com)
29 points by tzury 3064 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

I like this idea, but honestly, the one thing I've always hated about QT vr and now this is how janky the controls feel.

They need to bring in a video game control designer to tweak the mouselook.

I think the control would be more intuitive if you can drag the screen like a pdf instead of controlling the camera.

There is also too much inertia, you feel as if you are driving on ice.

And you can go upside down which feels a bit weird.

Go 1:03 into the vid and look at the upper right -- on top of the pole.

"Upper right" being opposite from the DJ stage and out towards the water.

The technology here looks awesome, but they need a better algorithm for motion. When you look around here, the video skews in an odd way.

Just imagine if real estate videos were made with this (with smaller cameras) for looking around a property. The walkthrough video would be impressive.

I can't believe they chose that domain name over http://yellowbird.com/.

Umm, I can:

   Record expires on 01-Sep-2011.
   Record created on 02-Sep-1997.
   Database last updated on 28-Jul-2009 15:44:50 EDT.
A domain with no host records is not an open domain.

Ah, good point. I just checked the WHOIS and stopped there.

Still, http://yellowbird3d.com or anything else possibly reachable outside of links or copy/pasting would be nice (though I guess telling people "google yellowbird" works).

I like the examples here, especially the 'football' one:


Very Cool... I want to make a movie with it.

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