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Ask HN: How many times do you generally refactor a piece of code
1 point by obayesshelton 1394 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite

I have been working on the same project for 5 months now, I have built it from scratch with a new framework. I have refactored some classes and routing about 3 times now. I would say it is because I am understanding the project more and also learning more about the framework I am using and the features it has which I didn't find at first. I am also re-reading the pragmatic programmer and it talks about stone soup, broken windows etc so how I feel at the moment is that refactoring seems a pretty standard thing to do but in the past it has not been such a big thing for me.

I was wondering how many times do you refactor your code over a project lifetime and what typical things do you look for when refactoring.

Thanks Oliver

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