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How do you list yourself on LinkedIn - as looking for a job? For someone such as myself looking for a talented engineer, unless there is a strong indicator that someone is looking for a position, I've found LinkedIn has not provided too many responses.

I tried one of the more expensive LinkedIn accounts awhile back, contacted about 10 people that all had mobile experience (my company makes an iOS and Android app for higher education), and only got 1 response to my message.

I assume part of it is that my message was read by these people, but they looked at it as "spammy," even though I wrote it individually to each person and tailored the message for each person. I've gotten messages from random people on LinkedIn, and it's easy to feel messages on there to be spammy.

So having my time on LinkedIn essentially feel like a huge waste made me question LinkedIn. Is it that I used their email system, and I should have instead setup a phone call?

Perhaps I am communicating a job that is not particularly interesting? I think an iOS and Android app with web backend, using the tech we are using (native languages for the native apps, and NodeJS for web), would be fairly attractive to a variety of developers though.

My problem with LinkedIn is that I rarely get contacts about jobs I am interested in or truly qualified for.[1] I'm honored to have been contacted by all of the Big 4 via LinkedIn. I'm bummed that they always contact me about DevOps type jobs. Could be that I need to write up my experience better, but what I have down there should not be giving the impression that I am a DevOps guy.

[1] Note: I am not actively looking and do not have this indication set on my profile. All contacts I am referencing are purely passive pings.

I've been listed on linkedin as actively looking for a job for 4 months now. Granted, my profile could use some work, but the few replies I've received didn't mention anything listed on my profile other than my name.

I'd be curious to talk offline if you have a few minutes - want to send me an email? nathan@[hn username].com

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