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Show HN: It's Popcorn Time - Stream movies using node-webkit and backbone (getpopcornti.me)
78 points by dperalta on Feb 15, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 31 comments

Hell, if I didn't know any better, I would almost believe this is a legitimate app.

I'm right with you on "fuck DRM" and I want better media options, but that doesn't mean I'll go out and build apps to facilitate pirating movies and then sign commits under my own name to GitHub. What the hell.


XBMCtorrent has been doing this already and is open source. runs on all platforms and devices.

This is just an experiment using the peerflix module of node and connecting a bunch of APIs.

What is this? There doesn't seem to be an explanation. Perhaps an aggregator for streaming services? Or just an easy way to pirate films?


Ah I see. A very polished looking app all the same. But most certainly shady as far as legality is concerned.

While the site is extremely professional looking and well done, the existence of some questionable people in this arena makes me very cautious about installing something that could potentially have privacy or security issues. I'd welcome any thoughts or opinions on this.

Even though there is no open source repository for it (I think there will be one soon), the code is javascript so you can download the zip and read what it does.

You're right we're going to open source the repository in the next few days.

Entrepeneur: "I want to take over the media-streaming world with a killer app that runs everywhere."

Developer: "I totally agree and I'm on board. Let's make it run only on the Mac."

Actually it works on Win/Mac, the application it's still in beta so if you find any bugs feel free report them!

Does the download button at the top change based on the users OS?

yes it does. but you can find all the available platforms at the bottom of the page.

It says "For Windows 7 and above" under the top download button while it says "For Windows XP and above" on the other two.

> Actually it works on Win/Mac ...

So change your landing page -- it detects the user's platform and makes a guess. Visitors running Linux see a Macintosh icon.

I hit play and it was just showing the "Buffering video..." overlay for a few seconds and went back to the "collection" view. I was switching to my browser to read the comments here and after one minute it started playing. Pretty good quality too, just seems a bit buggy.

Edit: Just ran into this error: http://pastie.org/private/fkqs779gnv13slrqm2gog

The videos lags in Windows. Not buffer lag, decoding is very slow. Other than that, a nice implication about how does it work would be nice.

Which Windows are you in? It's supposed to be working only with 7 right now. Any bug reports with more details are appreciated.

Windows 8.1

Doesn't seem to work here. I'm in The Netherlands, if it helps. Clicking "watch now!" shows "Buffering video..." for a short while, but after that, it doesn't do anything.

[edit] After a while it started playing. However, I had very few FPS on Win7.

Github link is down, I'm assuming because of legality issues. Can we still expect the source code to be leaked somehow? I would absolutely love to contribute to the project.

There you have the github repo: https://github.com/popcorn-time/popcorn-app

Really cool app. It "just works", you click on the movie you wanna watch and 5 seconds later you are watching it. Keep up the good work guys!

How about Apple TV, ipad, android etc? Any plans for those platforms?

One-click movies: Search any movie, click, and watch it instantly!

Nice design and it streams very well

is it limited to US at the moment? Just hangs on "Please wait.." in the UK

Yeah... opened a VPN to a US box and it suddenly jumped into life.


Looks like it uses the YIFY database which is blocked by most UK ISPs.

Guess it's a UK problem. Works fine here (not-us)

Thsi is really, like, hell...

This is awesome!

i'm 12 and what is this?

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