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San Francisco, CA | Cancer Therapeutics Innovation Group (CTIG)

Help cure cancer by building webapps.

At CTIG, we sequence the DNA of cancer tumors to recommend the right therapy for that tumor's specific DNA mutations. Patients and their oncologists use our analyses to help make decisions about how to treat their cancer. With us, you'd help build the systems that doctors and patients use to access and interpret our results, and work on the systems we use to manage our internal processes.

It's really important that our users (patients and doctors) be able to understand the results we're giving back to them. So we're looking for someone who can translate our analyses into web pages that are clear, simple, and well-designed. That makes front-end experience and an eye for aesthetics important, but you'll be working on the backend as well.

Our current web apps are built using:

* Scala, with the Play framework

* Python, with Django and Flask

* Javascript, with Angular.js and D3

* HTML/CSS/LESS with Bootstrap

* Postgres

It's great if you're familiar with those, but general web dev skill and the ability to pick up new tools and technologies is more important. Our other systems also use R, and we're experimenting with the Julia language, so if you're looking to work with interesting technology then you'll find kindred spirits here.

CTIG is located in Mission Bay in San Francisco, across the street from the UCSF campus here. We're a very interdisciplinary group, with bioinformaticians and computational biologists from UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and UCSF; biologists from UCSF, and physicians from Harvard Medical School. Some of us have PhDs, some of us have MDs, and some of us are college dropouts; we're not credentialists, but we do have strong backgrounds in our respective fields. It's a small team with 6 programmers, so you'd be a core contributor and you'd help set our technical direction.

We're very serious about cancer, but pretty laid-back otherwise; office discussions range from the nitty-gritty details of molecular biology and machine learning to re-enactments of South Park episodes.

If you're interested, email me at mskinner@ctig.com

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