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> I've had to re-implement dynamic language stuff in C++ many times to get acceptable performance.

Performance in a certain sense isn't just speed of a single uncoupled module, but also the end-to-end seamlessness of a system. The higher level languages might 'waste' 300ms in every function call, but save perhaps years in development time.

Also- architecting and developing medium-sized projects is not just the 'ENTERPRISE THING' anymore. A vastly greater number of people now have a-shot-at larger projects. So this creative freedom and technical UN-chaining also add to performance in a very in-direct way by allowing better minds to enter the game.

This is all true, but the endlessly repeated line about "IO Bound" needs to die. It's just not true. Most stuff written in dynamic languages is a lot slower than it would be in a statically typed language.

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