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I would total vote for a more inclusionist moderator!

It's not really just about "fun" questions. Almost every second question of mine gets closed or almost closed. Stackexchange is rapidly getting more and more useless for me.

* The only kind of question that the people in power currently tolerate for sure is the kind of question asking for reference knowlege. What does this function do / how do I do <simple thing>? They are totally afraid of any question that might have multiple answers.

* Questions that are much more useful, asking for advice and personal experience, are very likely to be closed. More than once, I had to rephrase a question in a stupid way to get passed the censors. "What canvas libraries are there for GTK?" - closed. "I want to put shapes on a DrawingArea and move them around" - pretend to be stupid, get good answers.

* Physics.SE suffers from a similar narrowing-down in scope. You can ask high-level conceptional questions, and get pretty verbose answers. That kind of question I rather discuss with my colleagues over a cup of coffee.

You can't ask pretty much anything else. Ask how to calculate something - closed as "homework". No matter if you ask for a single step in your calculation, or you want a high level overview, it's both frowned upon. Actual homework? The devil, closed as "homework"! Research stuff? After you point out that it's not homework, you might get a few condescending comments with only hints because people insist it really is homework. Experimental questions? pah, that's so beneath them. And if you manage to slip a actual useful, interesting question past the censors, its probably because it's research-level string theory and nobody understands it.

I could go on for hours, but I guess everyone gets the point. There is no single thing on the internet that makes me more angry then pretentious deletionists that have taken over wikipedia, stackexchange, and many more great sites...

> Almost every second question of mine gets closed or almost closed

Would you mind linking some questions that you think were appropriate for the site but were closed?

It sounds like you're a student. Maybe your expectations of what an appropriate question is doesn't match the userbase.

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