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The problem with moderation at StackExchange went full throttle when they shut down the 3-year old Answers.OnStartups community just because it was receiving fewer questions per day than the minimum needed.

It was a thriving community of over 18,000 users and who's who of the tech scene contributed answers: Patrick McKenzie (patio11), Dharmesh Shah, Jason Cohen. Not to mention that Joel Spolsky himself was active in the community.

Unhappy with how they closed the community down with just a short notice, several people (myself included) rebuilt the platform from the ground up and re-launched the startup community at http://www.brightjourney.com

A few days ago, I wanted to recommend the “Joel's Totally Fair Method to Divide Up The Ownership of Any Startup”: http://answers.onstartups.com/questions/6949/forming-a-new-s...

But then I discovered that it was down, so I used http://archive.org because I didn’t know about Bright Journey. The new copy of the original question is in http://www.brightjourney.com/q/forming-new-software-startup-...

Thank you! I was considering doing the same thing.

Did you use the original user data they had? There is a lot of value in most of those answers.

I thought all was lost when I was no longer able to contribute anymore to a Q&A for startups.

Yes, we started off with the old data. We were able to reverse engineer a hefty chunk of the email addresses from the hashes by brute force and alerted everyone that the community was back and kicking. It's been just under a month since launch and the community is growing fast.

You know one thing I've always missed on SO was to be able to subscribe to a question ...

Just in case you add this feature I've already found a few interesting questions that don't have answers yet :)

Chris, I just added that to our public Roadmap here: http://www.brightjourney.com/roadmap/subscribe-questions-get...

Feel free to add in anything else you'd like to see.

We kept things simple for the launch and now adding features as the community requests and votes on them on the Roadmap.

Here's a link to the main Roadmap section: http://www.brightjourney.com/roadmap

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