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The general argument that you are making here seems to be something along the lines of: this site teaches web development, so it should practice what it preaches. You are saying nothing about the content of the site, its offering to users.

However, their own focus seems to be on offering a useful learning resource, not replying to the critics. I find their content fairly good for absolute beginners. Even if they grossly oversimplify their subject, they offer the best way to get up to speed on the basics of many new technologies. That's why they are high in the search rankings - no mystery there.

I think their users are aware that they are only learning the basics, and will have to move on to more sophisticated resources to continue with their learning. So what? An absolute newbie can learn to write html, css or javascript, and see the results of his work displaying in a browser, in less than half an hour. That first step is often the most difficult for the total beginner

So give these guys credit - they are offering a pretty good learning resource for the basics. I'm not ashamed to admit I used it a lot at the beginning of my career as a self-taught web developer. And then I moved on.

> You are saying nothing about the content of the site, its offering to users.

Here is a quote from the article:

> For the record, I don't hate w3schools. Apparently, a lot of people find their website useful. And from a human perspective, I’m happy for their success.

Certainly that qualifies as saying "something" about the content of the site.

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