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Reddit has the advantage of having more subreddits than there are word definitions in a dictionary. I'm not sure a subreddit exists for people who enjoy posting videos of pimples being popped, but I'd be more surprised if it doesn't exists than if it does.

StackExchange is doing this a little as well, with many other sites being created. A good example of that is http://codegolf.stackexchange.com/

I would love to see a stack exchange for stackoverflow content, but with laxer rules. Good content will still bubble to the top of search results.

I'd like to see a stack exchange site where content like the link below will be loved and cared for, instead of tut-tutted. Or where I can have an open-ended "how might you implement this" debate without it being nanny-moderated to the scrap heap because it isn't a yes-no question, while the "new" queue sits filled with questions that are yes-no (so perfectly fine) but really should have been searched-for instead of asked. By the way, I'm not saying that I hate those questions, I just question a moderation process that leads to favoring mindless repetition over content that enriches us all. Of all the things to moderate away, the questions that provide insightful comment should be last.


/r/popping does indeed exist and it is full of really revolting things.

You just had to go and look that up, didn't you?

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