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If it isn't StackOverflow or MDN then I will not click it. I've had bad experiences with garbage linkbaiting.

For me, it breaks down like this. For anything I've been away from for a while, the simpler sites work better. If I've been back involved (so I'm not asking simple questions), SO is the way to go. I'm ok with this.

I really dislike the fact that I can't distinguish in my search results between good SO results and bad SO results. So many times I'll click their result only to go to a page that has been 'closed because ...'

Sometimes I can still see the answer there (someone will have answered before it was closed), but often SO is a huge time-waster for simple things.

I find W3Schools to be the fastest solution for figuring out why my 'font-decoration' css style isn't working (like I had to do yesterday).

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