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»Even after a redesign a few years ago, their pages still use “.asp”, which is basically an extinct platform that almost nobody uses anymore.«

Someone might tell them that URLs don't need to point to files and don't necessarily give a clue about the technology underneath. Their server says

  Server: Microsoft-IIS/7.5
  X-Powered-By: ASP.NET
so they might just use ASP.NET and just have rewriting or routes set up to mimic their old URLs.

I friend of mine worked many years ago on a php site where all the php files ended in .asp due to a bunch of legacy and policy reasons.

Almost certainly. AFAIK this is the case with Urban Dictionary, for example; the URLs end with ".php" but the site is built on Rails. Not at all uncommon.

Of course they have, they would have to do a lot of work with their new URLs to be even close to as successful as they were before.

It's absolutely fundamental to keep the same URLs when you are trying to beat the absolutely best at SEO (They are beating people like MDN, made by freaking Mozilla, after all)

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