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Including this one, ironically. x0054 called out the problem, no need to pile on with nothing more of any particular value to add.

My comment is less ironic than you might discern.

History is rife with far wilder inventions than the comment-curating 'contraption' that I describe, that have been conceived and crafted, drawing from a far smaller source of inspiration than the clumsy comment made by joe_the_user.

In all probability, the sort of thing, I describe, would never materialize in the foreseeable future. It could just be a figment of my imagination.

The leaps and bounds that are required for such comment-comprehension - especially the two step thing needed for the software to assimilate the contents of the video and then contextually-observe that joe_the_user has not viewed the video, just by reading his comment - are probably far too great for the current state of Deep Learning and AI (someone well versed in these areas could chime in).

Or perhaps such advents in content curation - unbeknownst to us - are already afoot.

Surely then your quick dismissing of my "value-less" comment could be the butt of jokes for posterity.

Time will decide.

You're writing a lot of words without actually saying anything. You can try and dress your original comment up all you want, but all you were doing was kicking someone while they were down to make yourself feel superior, while attempting to disguise it in the form of some highbrow but vague speculation of some future technology without providing anything of concrete value about it. This is HN, we're all aware of the possibilities of strong AI, but unless you've got a github account with a demo in it or some new algorithm, you're just spouting bs.

(Also, you really don't want to end the world just to get better hn comment threads. Strong AI is scary, man)

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