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Ask HN: What are the best sources of news for iOS app dev?
56 points by stasy on Feb 11, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 26 comments
What are your best sources for news of iOS app development or design? Where do you find useful snippets for iOS apps?

Twitter. My technique was to look up the developers of all my favorite apps on Twitter, follow them... and then whenever they RT someone saying something interesting, follow that person too. In a very short time you'll have a comprehensive feed of interesting developers talking shop.

A few accounts to get you started: - @mattt : https://twitter.com/mattt - @NSHipster : https://twitter.com/NSHipster - @justin : https://twitter.com/justin - @gruber : https://twitter.com/gruber - @marcoarment : https://twitter.com/marcoarment - @dimsumthinking : https://twitter.com/dimsumthinking - @iOSDevWeekly : https://twitter.com/iOSDevWeekly - @objcio : https://twitter.com/objcio - And then a shameless plug for myself @hodgesmr ;) - https://twitter.com/hodgesmr

Might as well add a few names: @danielpunkass, @nicklockwood, @vadimshpakovski, @Padraig, @soffes, @corydmc, and all the CocoaPods people: @alloy, @orta, @hanke, @micheletitolo, @kylefuller

+1 for Twitter, and the above names are all great suggestions. I also found this list helpful: https://twitter.com/emityme/ios-inspiration


Come on guys: NSBlog That Mike Ash is amazing. https://www.mikeash.com/pyblog/ Also: Ash Furrow. That guy is serious about helping. http://ashfurrow.com/

Clearly there's something about the name Ash.

Wow, thanks for the shout-out! I love Mike Ash's stuff, too.

My top 3 are probably:

- the iOS dev weekly newsletter (iosdevweek.ly)

- NSHipster (nshipster.com)

- objc.io (objc.io)

these are great for code, for design inspiration check out

- http://pttrns.com

- http://capptivate.co

I always see these kinds of posts, and since I've been doing iOS dev for awhile, I wanted to gather as many iOS dev resources in one place as I could. So I've created this site for that:


Many more resources to come. Lot of great stuff out there for iOS devs. I welcome contributions (project is a jekyll site on github).

Along with what everyone else has said, I would also add in iOS Goodies:


Not directly related but these blog posts does includes links to some great resources:

What's in my iOS Toolbox (in 2 parts):



I recently discovered a HN-esque board called MobileNews - It's my go-to source for mobile app news, design resources, ASO content, etc.


While we're here, I don't suppose someone who knows the scene could recommend an article or post that demos how to hook up a basic ios7 app to a general API (likely REST)?

A goto post would be really useful.

@tapfame writes a weekly newsletter - check them out.

I think this thread shows HN is the best source ;)

BuzzSumo. Search for "app development"

nshipster & objc.io are excellent sources.

Plus one for both.

On that note. What about Android?

To avoid clutter, it might be more practical to start your own ASK thread for this.

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