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And Facebook's valuation will disappear equally as fast.

But then again, there were many alternative search engines but not many alternative social networks.

One can be built in months if it has the right model.

The software is a trivial part of building a social network.

as shown by google with g+. Great web app but not that many users

What is the right model?

huh? I do not understand what you are saying, care to explain?

Google had to be good because there was competition in the search space. Facebook doesn't have to be good because they're the only viable social network.

So was myspace at one point. You can certainly argue that fb has way more mindshare than myspace ever did, and be right, but nothing is eternal on the internet.

Even at its height Myspace never had users at the scale facebook has today. Baby boomers never used myspace like they use facebook.

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