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The very site where you link to places that link in an article describing in detail why they call that entire paper "insanely wrong-headed"

I think that paper is misguided and incorrect as an attack on range voting. Here's the page where that link occurs: http://www.rangevoting.org/MeasTheory.html

Here's the anchor: http://www.rangevoting.org/MeasTheory.html#numbersallowed

Finally, if you sum the scores, you are NOT doing range voting as is generally suggested. The idea of range voting is to average the scores. That is a totally different thing, especially when you (as you should) allow for no-opinion votes.

I can only conclude that the paper in question is not addressing actual range-voting as proposed. That said, I did not read it completely (nor am I especially interested in doing so, although someone could summarize the issues perhaps if any exist I have not addressed here)

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