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> systemd has won

Not in the Gentoo ecosystem where we have OpenRC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenRC

We'll likely switch to systemd, over at Gentoo, when we need to. As we discussed at FOSDEM, it's a matter of 'when' rather than 'if'.

If that switch happens and systemd is forced on us I'll be dumping Gentoo after 12 years.

systemd gives me nothing that openrc doesn't already provide and it messes with a lot of things that I do care about (eg. logging, cron).

If RedHat is so intent on forcing their junk through everyone's throat it's time to move back to an OS where technical insight reigns instead of corporate money and marketingspeak.

To be honest, if Gentoo moves to systemd it'll probably be the final straw that pushes me to switch back to Windows after a decade or so of Linux use. Things have just being getting more and more buggy and unreliable; I'm already on the verge of switching just so I don't have to deal with the state of audio on Linux these days. Every PulseAudio version introduces new and fun breakages and they don't do stable releases anymore, so at best it'll get fixed in the next release which will have a bunch more poorly-tested code that breaks something else.

I have been able to keep PulseAudio out of all my Gentoo systems so far. I seriously doubt anybody can impose systemd on me.

Gentoo is still popular as it's the basis for ChromeOS and CoreOS, but CoreOS uses systemd and I'm not sure re: ChromeOS.

I was under the impression ChromeOS used upstart.

ChromeOS uses upstart.

Also Debian is still on sysvinit, and there is a vote being held to decide what init system to use for jessie as default.

That vote has almost total agreement that systemd will be the new init system. At this point, they're stuck in a quagmire of other bureaucratic nonsense and debates over related issues like whether packages will be allowed to require a particular init system.

Or maybe they need to figure out how to keep the non-Linux ports working since systemd is highly tied to that particular kernel.

neither the hurd nor the bsd port use the debian linux sysinit currently.

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