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You and pikachu_is_cool are boggling my mind right now. The guy is having a moderately high amount of money coming in for him now, based on something he did out of passion. There is nothing wrong with money for stability. If you don't like it, give it to charity... or save for health issues, because we all now realize just how pricey a scrape can be in America.

It's not the money itself. It's what comes with the money. Once people know you are capable of making the money, they will never stop stalking you, following you, pretending to be your friend, fervently hating you (this happens SO OFTEN), stalking you, harassing you, etc. No amount of charity donation, hell, even burning all of your money won't fix it.

There is literally nothing coming back from it other than waiting for the hype to die out. And that's what Nguyen is trying to do. Trust me, I'm talking from experience here.

I guess I might be in the minority here, since most people on HN are trying to become the next Mark Zuckerberg with their startups. Maybe they like that kind of attention. However, I, Dong Nguyen, and many people like us do not like that kind of attention. You don't know who your real friends are, and as he put it, it "interrupts my quiet life".

Dong Nguyen lives in Vietnam.

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