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This kind of helped me relate to why he's taking it down: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gD-nzHy2DdU

I know it's a joke, but on the other hand, it's only funny because a lot of people identify with the sentiment.

This video has good comic component, but in reality I find bunch of other games way more frustrating. Getting all 3 stars in original Angry Birds is much more frustrating experience for me.

My theory is that is has to do with the goal - in Angry Birds you do bunch of actions and then learn the result, with the aim of completing very specific objective. Sometimes in the middle of the action sequence you already know that it's no good and you have to restart. In Flappy Birds it's simple, just keep doing it, failed, not a big deal, restart, you know you'll fail again.

I was playing it and thinking about zen-like qualities of the game and realized that this game would be completely genius if pipe layout would always be the same. Then zen experience would be complete.

So uhhh, now that he's out of the game can I make yet another SFCave clone and start making $50k/day then?

It's funny because I made an SFCave clone for the Xbox Indie marketplace back in 2009 when it looked like that store might not be totally awful. My girlfriend was playing Flappy Bird and I told her that it makes $50,000 a day and she said "Didn't you make a game like this already?"

Ah if only I had felt compelled to remake it for iPhones.

Good ole' sfcave. I've been playing that game since the palm pilot days. I remember upgrading my to a newer palm pilot and finding out that the game wasn't actually running full speed on my old greyscale palm. The android version is still fun.

Hah, yeah, I'm not sure if the game was timed properly or if it just ran as fast as your device could draw it.

Fucking loved that game. Android port is pretty good, but just not the same for some reason. Not as fast perhaps. Flappy Bird made me glad to see someone could do something nice with its formula still.

SFCave is all mined out. The next big thing is obviously Gorillas.

And here I was going to pile on with Scorched Earth until I looked up Gorillas...


Maybe the market was just oblivious in the early 90s for not putting cute animals on top of all of these tropes sooner.

How long until we see roguelikes starring cats? RTSs where you draft little fuzzy lions and bears?

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