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Oh yeah, becoming rich is so great. You can buy whatever you want for people you are not entirely sure are your real friends.

If you literally don't want the money, give it to charity.

Problem solved, get back to your passion.

give it to charity, use it to sustain more development on your games, use it to build a company that can just focus on making your games, use it to fund or invest or donate to other gaming projects... etc.

It's not the money. That doesn't matter. It's that people find out about the money. Once people know you are capable of making the money, they will never stop stalking you, following you, pretending to be your friend, etc. No amount of charity donation, hell, even burning all of your money won't fix it.

There is literally nothing coming back from it other than waiting for the hype to die out. And that's what Nguyen is trying to do. Trust me, I'm talking from experience here.

you're missing the point.

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