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This is actually quite common behavior. You see this a lot in any sort of craft where you get sudden and unexpected success, they end up resenting their creation or feel some disconnect between the effort they put in and the result.

You also tend to get a whole different level of weird attacks when you hit that. When you suddenly go from mildly obscure musician or developer to unexpected-spotlight, a huge pile of people appear to tell you that your thing is shit and you should feel bad for making it, whereas when it's safely obscure you don't tend to get that a lot.

Sorry, but $50k/day compensates completely for any potential resentment. Especially coming from the real world, where stalkers and people showing up at your door and getting hold of your phone number because of a service or product you provided that drew a few nutjobs rarely comes with any compensation.

He should make all the money he can, laugh off the haters (whatever haters there are - I have only heard people talking either about how much they like the game, how frustrating the game is, or how nuts it is that it is making so much money for what it is). He could ride it out for a few weeks (or months, if he's lucky) and retire. Especially in his part of the world.

This artsy-fartsy turtle-head-back-in-shell thing is pretty crazy.

Who the $#%^ wants to "retire" when they're not even 30 years old? What does that even mean? Never create anything again, just potter around and waste the rest of your life away until you die, because of a meaningless stroke of luck when you were younger?

What I suspect you're not getting is that $50K/day is NOT 350x more rewarding-feeling than $1K a week. He can't just sit around and bask in some wonderful "I win" feeling, laughing off the haters.

There's an important point where you start making the money you need, then another where you start making the money you want (to reduce your future risk, to take reasonable good care of your parents as they age, etc.).

But the number going up beyond that doesn't give you anything good; it just makes you more of a target, separates you from everyone you interact with, gives you a heavier responsibility, makes it harder for you to just live the modest, comfortable life you were hoping for.

Money is not a goal in itself; or rather, only for the profoundly short-sighted. It's an enabler. If it's making him a target, and alienating him... why should he want that?

-- Edited: somehow I had the idea he was a teenager; corrected that.

They probably feel there's a disconnect between effort put in and resulting popularity because that's objectively true.

And I understand feeling resentment when faced with a shining, blinking example of how unfair such things are and how hard it is to get popular even with something very good.

Note: this is a comment about the general case

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