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I think it's about more than money for this guy

I respect his morals but the people over using the game are just going to move on to some other game and get addicted to it. If he feels bad about profiting from the game, he should donate it to a charity. That amount of money can do a lot of good.

And if a drug dealer decides to stop selling meth, you'd discourage him since addicts can just buy it down the block?

Note: I'm not saying Flappy Bird is like meth, but just pointing out your logic.

If meth were a liquid market with dealers lining up on every single street corner in the city to sell (and probably stocking it in grocery and convenience stores besides), then yeah, his stopping wouldn't really change the situation. His monetary loss from stopping sales will far outweigh whatever infinitesimal decrease there will be in the convenience of finding an addictive game on the iTunes app store.

This only holds if meth and playing flappy are on par in terms of damaging your life.

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