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My teenager students will be devastated by this. They really liked the game. We also had a good class discussion about adverts, the amount of money you can get from adverts, and the cost of living in Hanoi.

The main thing is that they worked out that there is a human being who lives somewhere and who has a name sitting down at a computer and hacking away at this game so they can play it.

Cost of living in Hanoi is so high because of strict building codes. They have these towers, you see, and they constantly have to move them a floor at a time across the city, and the larger floors have to sit below the smaller floors, with a severely constrained workforce. It's a logistics nightmare.

Oh god, I bought this hook, line, and sinker. Son of a...

The optimal number of moves follows this recurrence relations: T(1) = 1 T(N) = 2 * T(N-1) + 1

They should hire someone to devise a strategy so they can move the floors more optimally.

If someone were able to do that, they could leverage it into a very high-up position somewhere. Three-post towers of hanoi is an easy problem. Four-post is still unsolved.

Have we turned against fun facts?


slow clap

well done

Incidentally, Hanoi is a really nice town, and unlike most neighbouring jurisdictions Vietnam doesn't tax imported food and wine products to oblivion. Internet there's a lot better than in neighbouring China or Laos, and they don't have a Cambodia/Sweden style history of randomly exfiltrating hackers without due legal process.

Hanoi is an enormous city. The internet has gotten worse in Vietnam. Bloggers are regularly arrested for having opinions. Starting sometime last year, Vietnam has put some heavy restrictions on the internet. Look up Decree 72. You are no longer allowed to share news stories. Having said that, Vietnam is still a beautiful country with delicious food.

The internet in Hanoi is still probably better than nearby Nanning. The Chinese are just really good in creating walls, even if they are firewalls.

Has any politically contentious hackers decided to live there who were not Vietnamese?

Not sure, but at least one very large scale, convicted drug smuggler from the glory days of California does, and they seem to leave him alone.

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