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I understand that he is probably wanting to get away from all the press coverage but I'm pretty sure this is not the right way to go about it. This might actually have the opposite effect. I had no intention of downloading it but knowing it is about to be removed, I'm going to download it.

He's really a PR genius. When he restores Flappy Bird to the app store next week, after a week of the media writing about how it was taken down abruptly, It'll blow up even more.

I suspect he'll lose out to duplicates.

When - if - he removes it from the app store, Clumsy Bird [insert clone here] will take over his sales momentum, and Flappy Bird will never be heard from again.

indeed , clumsy birds is coming close.

Possibly...and it's an excellent opportunity to raise the price.

Me, too. I just downloaded. I hadn't played it until the HTML5 clone showed up here.

Maybe that's what he wants to happen?

Never attribute to malice...

yea that may be the case too, although I would like to think otherwise :]

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