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Flappy Bird is a silly game in which you tap on the screen of your touch device to nagivate a (duck?) through a series of narrow paths delineated by tubes sprouting from the sky and ground. In the tradition of older 8 bit video games it's extremely unforgiving one mistake and you have to start over. It's apparently been a big hit. In regard to who the guy is, he is the developer of that silly game which he did for fun part time, it's blown up and he is tired of people harassing him. As to why people should care? I leave that as an exercise for the reader.

I don't get it.

Why did he get harassed?

Because he made money?

Lots of people saying it's symptomatic of everything that's wrong with casual gaming, ad-supported gaming, and general timewasting.

I have the impression the author saw it as a marker on the path to making more high quality games, and is horrified by the idea of becoming the CEO of Flappy Bird Inc., much as the creators of novelty songs that become one-hit wonders end up being permanently associated with something stupid that was done for a joke and/or a quick buck.

Also, I see a significant social stigma in Vietnam to exploiting 'that stupid game my kid is wasting all his time on.'

Every creator gets harassed these days, to varying degrees. You can create the most sublime and enthralling game in history and people will still complain about it. It's even worse if you create a simple game that is frustratingly difficult. The culture of entitlement and harassment is one of the worst aspects of the internet today.

He got harassed because the game looks like it didn't take much work, and it's more popular than people think it deserves to be.

Damn this is my dream, make a simple app with little effort, make millions.

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