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We use Django heavily at Pathwright. It does a very good job for us. We're all looking forward to 1.7, as it will be another solid step forward for us.

I'm probably going to offend some people with my phrasing, but the Django community is a little less culty/fanboyish than Node's. It's old enough where most of the shiny chasers have moved on (to Node), leaving the guys who are more worried about productivity than figuring out what is new/hot.

Every community has zealots and fanboys, but we (the Django community) are, as a whole, pretty chill and just trying to get things done. We don't need to chestbeat very much, because Django's track record speaks for itself (it powers some very large, very successful sites).

As far as excitement and activity, check this out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/andrewgodwin/schema-mig...

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