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It requires a Google account. There is no such thing as Google Plus account.

It's not so simple in this case.

If you were to start a hangout via Gmail from your Google Apps account, you get a dumbed down version that doesn't support features like screensharing and up to 15 people.

You would need to use an account that has G+ connected and start the hangout from the hangouts app or from G+. So I think yes, you would need a G+ account to use this unless Google changes that.

Well sure. But when you start using services that require some kind of G+ opt-in then all of a sudden my Google account has a presence in Google Plus land - which is something I may not want my employees to have associated with their Google Apps accounts.

True enough, but you don't have to active G+ on your Google Account.

You're being that guy. Don't be that guy.

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