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I was wondering where is all the money was going. It's clearly the newly announced Asus Chromebox, which starts at $179[1]. I haven't seen the high end price, but according to the spec sheet[2], the only difference is the CPU. The price difference here is $820. I couldn't imagine the cost difference between a celeron and a mid-range i7 to be much more than $300. That same camera is $75 on amazon, and a similar looking speaker is $90, and I don't imagine a RF remote is more than $15. That gets us to about $600, and leaves $220 for the management and support fee.

So the hardware cost checks out, but the question is if their support and software is worth $250 a year. They don't do a good job explaining what goes into that though. Is the software a proprietary version of Chrome OS? Do you get to use priority servers instead of the normal hangout ones? Does that support fee cover all your chromeboxes, or is that per box? I feel a lot of the value proposition isn't being well explained. If it's amazing quality, and a great meeting experience, it can easily be worth it, but I'm not getting the sense of how the experience is better than if you bought the components yourself. A promo video demo would help.





Hopefully the 250 a month includes a customer support phone line or at least a chat room. Might be almost worth getting one of these just for that. Google isn't known for it's customer support.

$250 per year, not per month.

Oops, mistype. I realized that just didn't type it right. Thanks.

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